Our family business started in sunny Central California. Our company strives to bring excellence and integrity to our name – a name that is known to the world of produce in many states and countries. The Mainline team is made up of energetic individuals raised and seasoned in the valley which has helped us gain an early understanding of the importance of produce, agriculture, and most importantly an honest days’ work.

Our business is to serve you

the hardworking people in the food and produce industry.

READY TO ADVANCE TO THE NEXT LEVEL OF SUCCESS? We offer various stand-alone equipment and full integration pieces that will increase your production by efficiently packaging any of your current food items or tackling a new product launch. We commit to providing innovative equipment to better weigh, package, and prolong shelf life of products. Our machines can package anything from, asparagus, cherry tomatoes, chocolate, granola, nuts, and much more. Service with Mainline Industry continues even after machines are purchased. Our company offers technological support throughout the life span of your equipment. The ability to service equipment has now grown so that we are able to help maintain your machines when needed.

Our main goal

to provide what big corporations CAN’T… a personal experience.

Our customers deserve the attention that most competitors can’t give, which is time. The time to answer a phone call for technological issues, and the time to send a technician to solve that same issue immediately. We believe having a small and exuberant team gives us an advantage in aiding our customers growing businesses. Our business provides a stepping stone for advancing in your industry with better production and quality equipment. Relationship with our customers does not end once the transaction is made. It continues to develop even after the machine is on and ready for production.