Mainline Industry is a leader in flowpack applications for fresh produce… a small company with a disproportionately large market share. Our mission is always to deliver the best value to our customers that make consumer packages of fresh produce. That is how we compete against the big boys that can out muscle us at every turn. We are building on that success and rolling out a complete new line of flowpack equipment built to our specifications. These new models incorporate the latest technologies and upgraded components, with each model designed and built to be best in class.

The designs are elegant. The construction is impeccable and the components are “top- shelf”.  As examples, the automation systems are from Kollmorgen, the same U.S. company that supplies automation systems to the U.S. Navy. Heating elements are from Kübler, a German company with a reputation for excellence. So if you are now wondering if this kind of quality will drive the prices up through the stratosphere, the answer is no. We are pricing these new models similar to their predecessors. High quality machines mean less trouble for you, and it also means less trouble and expense for us in supporting you. It’s the smart bargain and the right choice for everyone.

We learned a lot about flowpack applications for fresh produce over the years. We are using that experience to improve not only the main flowpack units, but also very importantly, to improve work flow around them.  We offer a range of accessories and complimentary pieces to make the process more efficient. This includes scales, counters, feeding conveyors, buffering systems and more. We can offer completely integrated solutions that can reduce labor and increase production for a wide variety of products.

Since installing our first flowpack machine for asparagus (we have over 60 units in production for asparagus alone) we have seen the concept take root and expand to other commodities. Grapes, tree fruit, wet vegetables, dry vegetables, you name it. The movement towards sustainable packaging fits well with a flowpack operation, with more suppliers offering compostable materials such as fiber and  paper punnets, certified recyclables and even clear film made from paper! Whatever your flowpack project, please contact us and we will try to help you.