Altar Produce

Altar Produce is the world’s largest grower of Asparagus. This family-owned powerhouse started up in 1955 with just 20 acres of land in Mexico that has now expanded to well over 30,000 acres. They were the first to introduce asparagus to Latin America and now provide a variety of fresh produce commodities.


As Altar’s business grew so did the need for a more affordable system of packaging. They needed to make the switch from preformed packages to modified atmosphere packs. The demand for product grew and so did the need for an increase in production.


We partnered with Altar and put our flow wrap machines to the test. Through the changeover to an automated system Altar was able to gain modified atmosphere packages along with print on demand.

Altar’s multiple flow wrap lines feature:

  • Horizontal top-seal box motion machine paired with modified atmosphere rollstock film
  • Printing capabilities
  • Remote access to help reduce machine down time.

The flow wrap lines currently run at 45-55 packages per minute (3,300 per hour).


The switch to flow wrap equipment and modified atmosphere rollstock helped Altar gain:

  • Increased production capacity all while reducing labor costs in Mexico
  • Print on demand
  • 40% decrease on the cost of materials
  • Increased product shelf life
  • Better packaging presentation

“We started working with you all 8 years ago after deciding to make a change to our hand-packing process. We started off by installing 3 machines and the change was enormous. These machines are practical and reliable. They’ve made our new packaging process more efficient and have helped increase the longevity of our product [with modified atmosphere film], along with the quality of our [packaging] presentation. The majority of our equipment is used for Asparagus but other products as well. Thanks to the service and support provided by your technical staff, we continue to feel confident in working with you all.”

Ingeniero Gil Salcedo
Manager at Altar Produce

After 11 machines and countless packages, our relationship with Altar has grown for almost a decade. Their success in expanding the asparagus market is something we are grateful to be a part of. Through the years as they’ve made groundbreaking moves, we’ve gladly been alongside them to provide the equipment needed to continue their achievements.