Our clamshell and punnet machines administer the mechanics to produce package quality and operational success. Our machines can package your products with care, and facilitate all shapes and sizes.



The Bison is a programmable 14 lane combination scale capable of high work rates with precision in making fixed weights of product. It gently weighs fruit and accurately fills clamshells or punnets. The 5 discharge belts are bi-directional so you can run two different pack styles on both sides of the scale. It integrates with our denester for seamless flow of punnets and fruit for multiple pack weights and styles. Commonly used with peaches, nectarines, kiwis, plums, tomatoes, avocados, etc.

Best clamshell equipment
Best clamshell equipment


Ultra-Gentle    Scale    for     Delicate    Fruits

The Velvet is an extremely gentle automatic scale designed specifically for use with very delicate fruit such as apples, pears or other soft fruit. It has 16 weighing lanes and 4 discharge lanes, and like the Bison can have bi-directional feeding of the discharge lanes to either side of the scale. Also like the Bison, the Velvet can store and recall multiple recipes for packages for a quick and easy changeover. One or two denesters can be integrated on either side of the scale.



The Thor is a semi-automatic combination scale used for odd shaped products, or for products that cannot be fed mechanically through a scale infeed. Product is placed directly into the 14 hoppers and the Thor computes the best selection from the loads to produce a precise combination to match the desired weight. The combined product is discharged onto 2 opposing soft wave belts and deposited into a tray or punnet. The Thor is a simple and economical solution for weighing those difficult products and can be integrated with a wide range of packaging equipment like flow wrap machinery or tray-sealers. The Thor is useful for asparagus, green onions, leeks, grapes, etc.

Best clamshell equipment


Clamshell/Punnet Pick & Place

Our U Series denesters are available in 3, 4, or 5 lanes, and can work containers of various sizes and styles, and can handle hinged clamshells, paper punnets, fiber punnets and lidded trays. U Series denesters can be integrated with the Bison, Velvet or A Series scales for seamless operation and are easily adjusted for changeovers. The D6 Denester is a one lane “pick and place” denester for trays and punnets of various sizes. Efficient, simple and fast, it is adaptable to a wide range of applications.

clamshell equipment
clamshell equipment
clamshell equipment


Clamshell    Closing    System

The Click is an automatic closing system for clamshells with button type closures. It feeds, closes and discharges 5 clamshells at a time. It can be adjusted for clamshells of varying dimensions and can be integrated into a complete line with signals relayed upstream and downstream to keep the line flowing smoothly. Clamshells must be designed correctly and be of good quality to run on the Click, so your clamshells need to be validated. The maximum work rate of the Click is 60 clamshells per minute.



The America automatically places clamshells, trays or punnets into an open top standard footprint (16” X 24”) produce carton. It will work patterns of 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 units per carton, one layer or two. If you are packing trays or clamshells of produce into cartons by hand, you must take a look at this economical solution.