📅 Starting January 20th, 2026 all U.S. based fresh-food products will be required to have enhanced tracking across the entire supply chain through the Food and Safety Modernization Act.

  • This includes:
  • Fresh fruit 🍓
  • Vegetables 🥦
  • Prepared salads 🌿
  • Hard & soft cheese 🧀
  • Fresh/frozen fish & seafood🐟
  • Nut butter 🥜

FSMA compliance requires:

  1. Full traceability which is only done using software as an add-on to an Enterprise Resource Planning System or a dedicated solution like Markem’s CoLOS®
  2. Printing quality of the data on the fresh food item must allow the ability to read for precise traceability data.

The goal of FSMA is to quickly identify and remove potentially contaminated products.

➡Here’s how we can help.

As Markem-Imaje partners we can help pair you with the highest quality in printing and traceability solutions for most substrates including the film that typically runs through our flow wrap equipment. Markem’s coding and marking systems come equipped with integrated software, services, and consumables.

If you need us, we’re here to help.