While some of our customers may be knee deep in production and others just gearing up, our technicians decided to do another round of “Tips from your Techs” to help ease any headaches your busy season will bring.

  1. Keep your spare parts kit stocked. Even the best machines will wear out parts with time.If your machinery is older than a year then we recommend checking your spare parts kits and ordering the necessary replacements. Keeping these items readily available eliminates shipping and ordering time.
  2. Schedule a preventative maintenance and a training session. It is important for operators to feel confident with running the machine, so if you’ve got any new recruits, let us help train them. While we’re there we can get a preventive maintenance done to help prevent any issues for the upcoming season.
  3. Don’t forget a good wipe down. Our equipment isn’t high maintenance and luckily very easy to clean. A good wipe down of product residue can make all the difference in decreasing down time.