Automatic Vertical Netting    Machine with thermo-welded    labels

The Puma is a next generation machine that addresses concerns about sustainability. It makes net packages with much less material than traditional netting machines, and the packs are also “mono-material” so they can be recycled. Packages may have a wineglass type label or a strap welded end to end. The automatic tube rotation keeps you running strong, and you can print data and text on each package with an optional printer. It can be used for a wide variety of fresh produce and other food items.


Automatic Inclined Netting Machine with thermos-welded labels, socks or bags

The Tiger is a versatile and compact vertical netting machine that can make “in-line” socks or netted bags with a label or strap that is thermos-welded end to end, making an attractive and functional consumer pack. The intuitive programming and straightforward touch screen controls make it easy to use for even an inexperienced operator. The tiger is available in several configurations, and with options such as on demand printing.


Automatic Horizontal Netting Machine
with Clip

The Vega is an automatic horizontal netting machine that can package products that are too large or delicate to be netted in a vertical machine. It is a versatile machine, that gently feeds product into the netted tube (material may be extruded or knitted) and sealed with a metal clip. The machine will apply a wineglass label, and optionally a handle for carrying the product. Multiple options and configurations are available