Big Red (my 2005 Nissan Titan), has just passed 420,000 miles on the odometer. That is almost enough miles to take me around the planet 17 times. The old gal is showing her age but is still running strong. I’ve diligently provided for her maintenance and care, and she’s rewarded me with 15 years of faithful service.

So how is it we’ll change the oil, rotate tires, replace parts, etc., on our cars, but run more expensive packaging equipment into the ground? It happens far too often, so follow 3 simple rules to avoid calamity.

1) Have an operational plan for your equipment; keep records, manuals, and other references in a file.
2) Schedule preventive maintenance. Many vendors offer service agreements that include an onsite inspection with preventive maintenance, oftentimes with discounts on parts and service.
3) Invest in good operators. Hire good people and train them properly. Then treat them decently so they don’t leave with their knowledge and experience. Good people management and good machinery management go hand in hand.

Some of our customers have packaging equipment that’s run well for many years and made tens of millions of packages… some perhaps over a hundred million packages. What they have in common is that they follow these 3 simple rules. #machinery